Koridor Utiliti Pahang Sdn. Bhd.

Pahang State Government at17 August 2016 has appointed Koridor Utiliti Pahang (KUP) as Agensi Penyelaras Utiliti Negeri Pahang and responsible perform functions and roles as follows :-

  act as 'Local Application Agency'(Utilities Dredging and Installation Permits).
  Manage and maintain Pahang State Utility Corridor.
  Coordinate application procedures and approval of permits.
  Holders of Permit, Work Permit and Worker Certificate issued by the Accredited Authority
      (Local Authorities, Public Works Department, Drainage and Drainage Department and others).
  To supervise the work of utility infrastructure installation and repair work.
  To elect a Utility Mapping Surveyor registered with the Land Surveyors Board of Malaysia (LJTM)
  Develop a muse of utility infrastructure.
  Developing Pahang State Utility Database.
  Charge utility corridor management charges to the applicant (Utility Provider).


Pahang Utilit Corridor Launching Ceremony