Brownfield means an existing area where utilities are installed in existing areas that require the approval of the Approved Authority.

Registration and application for installation work are divided into three parts:

  Planned Work
Namely the development and installation of planned utilities infrastructure
scheduled execution such as installing new utilities, replacement or upgrading of utilities.

The repair of utility infrastructure such as pipe leakage, damage or failure of cable function Electricity or telecommunications and road damage due to utility installation works involving cutting work, Excavation and resurfacing of road that needs to be hastened on the public interest.

  Special Work

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Preparation of the Utility Corridor on the new Road (Greenfield) is creating a special space for utility roads on the roads that To be built by the Federal Government, State Government, Local Government, Property Developers and others.

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Development Database

Application Registration Data is the information data obtained during the application process Projects that include applicant information, project titles, utilities providers, contractors, utility categories, plans, Dredging methods and so on. Registration of this application can be done either manually (submitted submission) or by online

Utility Utility Route Data is information related mapping data utility installation work above surface and underground where this interconnected data group information will be processed and stored systematically and digital in the State Utility Database Center for reference of related parties.

Here is the State Utilities Utility Database flow chart.

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