Utility Corridor Integrated Database Operating System

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In order to maintain and update geospatial databases

Geospatial Database

Record and store geospatial datas related to utilities information management

Sharing Information

The integrated geospatial data is facilitated by the KUP to make sharing of such data to stakeholders through the online system

Access Anywhere

Enabling staffs to update documents via desktop or mobile device

UCIDOS Platform

UCIDOS is a platform developed to support geospatial database management work in KUP including monitoring and quality control of geospatial data on-line. An initiative inspired by the Chief Executive Officer.  This is in line with the guidelines and SOPs that have been designed to ensure that data quality assurance and control can be implemented more systematically.


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GIS Mapping

analyze the route of the application and upload the alignment in GIS Platform for  enable staff to see the route digitally

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Plan Checking

This module allows reviewing personnel to digitally review plans and make comments on plans submitted by panel surveyors.

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CEO Summary

Allows the CEO to evaluate and summarize applications that have been registered by the company and print out the customize summary.