Utility Corridor Integrated Financial Operating System
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Manage Finances

Every expenditure and revenue is systematically organized.

Accelerate Work Processes

Facilitating work by simply filling required data and storing it in own database.


Financial data is stored on cloud or online to avoid losing data locally.

Access Anywhere

Enabling staffs to update finances via desktop or mobile device.

UCIFOS Platform

UCIFOS is a platform developed to manage financial database in KUP including monitoring and expenses control of finances on-line. An initiative inspired by the Chief Executive Officer. This is in line with the guidelines and SOPs that have been designed to ensure that finance in company manageable and controlled in systematically.

About Us

Mohd Fairuz
Mohd Fairuz Mustaffa
Chief Financial Officer

UCIFOS can facilitate financial management more smoothly and effectively examine an invoice.

Mohd Erwan

UCIFOS can assist me in managing company expenses and determining suppliers to make purchases more effectively.

Nur Hanisah

Payment and quotation of the application can be done easily by simply selecting the required items.